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  • Emily Johnston and Andy Gill

Cultivating presence - the power of learning to be present using Yoga and Meditation

Meditation and yoga can both lead us to a deeper sense of stillness and presence but do we always experience this? Over time habits form and practices can become dull or lacking in the intention and inspiration that began them.

Meditation practice, I know, from my own experience can become another thing on the ‘to do’ list and can end up being a ‘doing’ rather than an experience of deeper self and connection (or lack of any experience depending on the depth of the practice). We can fall into the trap of mental activity and we think the ‘meditation’ rather than actually experiencing it truly.

In the same way, when practicing ‘yoga’, it can just be physical exercise and if we are just exercising is it Yoga? When we practice at a deeper level, when we are in the sensation of our physical experience, the immediacy of the present moment, we become embodied, then we can potentially experience the stages of meditation, being fully aware and present to ourselves.

What is your experience of meditation or yoga? Do you have expectations of your practice? Have you formed habits of mental activity or sameness in your practices?

Learning new ways to be present and explore the potential of this space is possibly one of the greatest keys to connecting with our potential in every moment.

So, both meditation and yoga have the potential to enrich the other allowing us to cultivate a sense of presence that can often, but not always, be elusive in our separate practices. Yoga through being embodied in the physical and bringing us to the present and Meditation by taking us on the journey to our deeper self beyond the mind.

Emily Johnston and Andy Gill will be exploring the power of becoming more present in Yoga and Meditation and how this might extend into our lives in their one day workshop ‘Learning to cultivate Presence’ at Globe House, The Tanneries, Crucifix Lane, London SE1 3XL on Sunday 19th February 10:00 - 17:00.

For further information and booking contact Emily Johnston at or Andy Gill at

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