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What people say about Andy's teaching

Going to Andy’s classes is like going back to school - to the lessons you loved because the teacher feeds you with their knowledge and passion. What differentiates Andy from any other ashtanga teacher is his anatomical knowledge - it is fun and accessible, while also reminding you of how the physical awareness of the body can enhance your journey of the mind and soul. He is a fantastic yoga teacher in that he teaches the meaning of yoga (Union) not just the physical practice. 

Cydney Bronte - Yoga teacher


'Andy teaches in that unique way that encourages you to eliminate all elements of doubt in yourself, he somehow creates this magical space around you where both mind & body feel..simply put, at ease; making his teaching way beyond just a physical adjustment..truly special.'


Natalie Coleman – Yoga Teacher


'Working with Andy Gill is a holistic experience - body, mind and spirit coming together in a space of pure practice. Working with Andy is also un-working: taking apart old patterns and habits and rebuilding them with experimentation and joy. Andy is supportive in all respects. His encouragement and generosity are limitless. This, in turn, encourages students to explore and surpass their own limitations — without fear, often laughing. Through Andy’s guidance, my own practice has been moving to a different plane, his calm assurance encouraging me in this ever-so-subtle seismic shift. All of which leaves me looking ahead, as I’m sure many of his students do, to all the potential and all of the challenge that awaits.'


Kristen Kreider


'When Andy teaches he gives himself 100%, in a truly empathetic way. He watches, listens and supports students in their practice, giving them what they need, but don’t realise they need, on any given day.   I adore his generosity, time, empathy and, above all, sincerity. Working with Andy is like snuggling up in front of the fire with a blanket and good novel. Warming, nourishing and you don’t want it to end.'


Pip Trentham - Yoga Teacher


'Andy’s compassion, kindness and uncanny - almost spooky - ability to offer up just the right adjustment or word of wisdom, at just the right moment, is what makes him so stand out – both as an ashtanga teacher/practitioner – and as a human being. He inspires, motivates and never fails to make me smile. Andy Gill, quite frankly rocks!'


Kelly Field


'Andy is an incredibly caring and intuitive teacher who has a wealth of personal knowledge and experience to draw upon; one of a rare breed whose passion for yoga is impossible not to be moved by. He has a patient yet fun approach to teaching, always there to offer gentle encouragement when needed. I feel blessed to have Andy both as a teacher and a mentor, the guy never fails to inspire...totally awesome!'


Wendy Haigh - Yoga Teacher


'Andy has a warm and open approach to his teaching, and his passion for yoga is evident. Clearly this is through his own dedicated studies, abundant experience and a committed daily practice. 


With kind encouragement, he has offered me many new challenges in my practice helping me wiht little tips to help me along my way. Yet, he also stands back when needed. Mysore classes with Andy are fun, without losing the depth of Ashtanga. Highly recommended.


Claire Bergholst – Yoga Teacher


'I've never met a teacher as truly genuine, inspiring and positive as Andy.  He has a really personalised approach to teaching that motivates and guides us in our practice.  Andy's extensive experience, open mind and warm personality make him a super role model as well as an exceptional yoga teacher.'


Nora Tandberg – Yoga Teacher


'I see Mysore style yoga very much as a group activity and I am affected by the atmosphere in the room where I practise - this is created in large part by the teacher and I am very much aware of the positive energy that you bring to this dynamic – it is palpable when you walk into the room. When you approach myself and others it’s obvious that you really enjoy that interaction with people – underlying your knowledge and expertise there is humour and empathy'.


Perdita Fenn


'What I love most about practicing with Andy is his ability to share Ashtanga Yoga in its traditional form but in such a relaxed way. It really gives you a sense of space to explore and play with the postures. His attitude is so positive and he gives very intuitive adjustments to help you develop each pose.... and of course... he is always sharing his wonderful smile.'


Sarah Lewis-James


'Andy (Gill) has been a crucial part of my Ashtanga practise and progress for 5 years (and more intense over the past 2 years).

I have been practising Ashtanga yoga for 10 years, always striving to listen and subtly improve with the limitations of tight hips and knees (and getting older)!

With all this in mind, Andy has shared his immense knowledge, deep skill in encouraging and adjusting, and giving me confidence to take my practise further.


I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of Ashtanga yoga - spiritually, physically, strengthening and it's community. Andy is at the heart of this for me at Stillpoint Yoga London....I cannot thank him enough.'


Lucy Offer


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